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Tanqueray No 10 Gin






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Named after the many of his origin, Tanqueray No. TEN gin is a tribute to the passion and attention to detail that Charles Tanqueray stood for.

Tanqueray Gin is a brand of gin produced by Diageo plc and marketed throughout the world. Although it began in England, it is, now made in Scotland. It did not command a sizable market share in its primary market, its largest market being North America, where it is the biggest selling gin imports, followed by the south of Europe.

Tanqueray Gin is one of Diageo of 16 "strategic markets" earmarked for prioritisation in promotion and distribution worldwide. It sells roughly two million 9-liter cases annually.

Tanqueray Gin was, first distilled in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray in the Bloomsbury community in London. The local outlet of Edward and Charles Tanqueray & Co. was, discovered on Vine Street, in London 1838. When Charles Tanqueray died in 1868, his son Charles acquired the factory, which continued to operate until it was, damaged in World War II. The only provision to survive the Axis bombing, now known as "Old Tom," has since been moved to Cameron Bridge, Scotland.

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