Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider - X4 Pack

Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider - X4 Pack




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In 2012, Heineken Beer Group launched "Strongbow Pear" in the United Kingdon, and 2013 preceded "Strongbow Cider Dark Fruit " which contains Blackcurrant and blackberry juices. In 2014, "Strongbow Citrus Edge" was launched, which consists of lemon and lime. 2015 saw the launch of "Rain Apple", a variant of the scrumpy cider.

In 2014 in the United States of America, Heineken launched two new tastes sweeter, dubbed "Golden Apple" and "Honey & Apple". Strongbow Cider Fruit Dark subsequently discontinued the original dry Strongbow Cider flavour in the United States of America. The move to terminate the original dry cider recipe in the United States of America and replace it with two sweeter varieties and it is criticised by some vocal clients, with comments related to the discontinuation on numerous Internet forums, the Strongbow Cider Facebook site, and the United States Heineken Strongbow website.

2015 in the United States of America, a variety pack was released, in which the two right flavours "Golden Apple" and "Honey & Apple" along with two additional characteristics "Red Berries" and "Ginger." "Cherry Blossom" was introduced in 2016.

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