Stella Artois Beer - X4 Pack

Stella Artois Beer - X4 Pack




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Stella Artois Beer is a bottom fermented blond oil with an alcohol content of 5.2% vol. Stella Artois beer is full-bodied but not less extraordinary thirst quenching and should be served cold at 3 C.

In 1842, brewers in Pilsen in Bohemia, developed a clear, golden coloured, empty beer fermentation using mainly delicate hop. The result was startlingly distinct from traditional dark, cloudy brews. At the same time, with industrialisation, customers switched to glass from stoneware or pewter drinking vessels. Known as Pilsner in Belgium, it is, called Pils-this new lager quickly became the most popular drink throughout northern Europe.

The very first tax records for Den Hoorn brewery dates back to 1366. In 1708, Sebastien Artois was, awarded the fiercely contested title of Master Brewer of Den Hoorn. His beer was so exceptional that it was, immediately christened Stella - Latin for the word star.

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