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Merlot Red Wine from Chile and is a regular tasting Merlot Wine with tasting notes of plum, cherry and chocolate thick. This Merlot red wine is, best served with a tomato-based pasta dish.

Merlot Red Wine produces a dark red wine with characteristics and aromas of black cherry, plum, chocolate, spices and berries. Merlot Red Wine is a favourite with people trying to get accustomed to drier and more dynamic Merlot Red Wines because of its other properties, such as medium tannins that make it effortless to drink than other Red Wines Merlot.

The delicate flavours of Merlot Wine with fruity qualities making it a red wine that is well-suited to tasty foods that will not overcome the characteristics of the Merlot wine.

More complicated wine drinkers sometimes see these qualities as a disadvantage and favourite Merlot Wine when combined with other, more complex red grape varieties - especially those who only harsher and can profit from softening. Nevertheless, it is possible to create complex and compelling red wines from Merlot grapes

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