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Laurent-Perrier Rose Champagne traced its founding to 1812 when a former Cooper and Butler and goes by the name of Alphonse Pierlot purchased two parcels of land described as "Plaisances" and "La Tour Glorieux" in Tours-sur-Marne. Pierlot wanted his company to his cellar master, Eugene Laurent, who operated it with his wife, Mathilde Emilie Perrier. After Eugene Laurent away in 1887 his widow, Mathilde, took the lead and attached her name to the business, changes to the Veuve Laurent-Perrier (Veuve being the French word for widow). Veuve Mathilde led the organisation to great success, producing 50,000 cases of Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne. This victory was short-lived, due to the eruption of the First World War and the inconvenience that caused all of France and the French company. Following this disaster, Veuve Mathilde hired Alexander Fletcher Keith Mackenzie to precede market and Laurent-Perrier Rose Champagne in the United Kingdom. In 1925, Veuve Mathilde died, left the firm after Eugenie Hortense Laurent. The problems of the First World War and the subsequent outbreak of World War II, Eugenie sold the corporation to Mary-Louise Lanson de Nonancourt in 1939. Marie-Louise funded all they could in the company, kept afloat by the turbulence of the war, son of point mortgaging 1,000 cases of Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne she had hidden in a wall. Her adored son, Maurice, died in the war in the concentration camp at Oranienburg prepared his brother, Bernard de Nonancourt, as the heir. About Bernard arrival of war, his mother began to set about teaching him all aspect of the Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne making at the Houses of Lanson and Delamotte. In 1949 Bernard de Nonancourt converted to the owner of the company and saw that become one of the largest family-owned Champagne houses. The de Nonancourt family still holds majority ownership of the company to this day.

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