Kronenbourg 1664 Beer - X24 Pack

Kronenbourg 1664 Beer - X24 Pack




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Kronenbourg beer 1664 is a 5.0% pale lager first brewed in 1952. A minute amount of the Strisselspalt hop, a French flavour hops from Alsace, is used. The name comes from the area where the brewery moved in 1850.

The main brewery Kronenbourg 1664 (Kronenbourg which also produces almost 300 different brands of beer) in Obernai which is in (France), but the brand is also brewed in the UK by Heineken in its Manchester brewery, as well as in Australia by Coopers.

British company Scottish and Newcastle (S & N) plc received in 2000 for £ 1.7 billion.

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