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Richard Hennessy Cognac founded the Maison in 1765 on the strength of a dream: to become the world finest cognac. The idea goes all the Hennessy Maison stands for quality and creativity.

The Hennessy cognac distillery was, established by Richard Hennessy, an Irish leader serving in the army of Louis XV.

Prince of Wales, (later King George IV), was a great connoisseur of cognac. He asked Hennessy to produce a "very superior old pale cognac/brandy." Since then the initials on the bottle V.S.O.P - Meaning Very Superior Old Pale - are used as a benchmark for the whole industry.

Maurice Hennessy, great-grandson of originator Richard Hennessy, decided to create a cognac classification. He used varying numbers of stars to indicate different quality, giving rise to Hennessy of Three Star Cognac, today is known as U.S.A. (Very Special). Soon this classification was adopted by the entire industry.

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