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Grey Goose Vodka is a brand of vodka designed in France. It was, originally established by Sidney Frank for his 2004 sale to Bacardi.

The first idea for Grey Goose Vodka was to develop a luxury vodka for the American market - Grey Goose Vodka was a very popular choice Amercian. Grey Goose was made more expensive than other premium vodka brands to produce a better product and to produce a "super premium" category in the US beverage market.

The water used for the Grey Goose vodka came from natural sources in France and its filtered through Champagne limestone and made with locally created French wheat. The company also developed its unique smoked glass bottle featuring French geese in flight and gave his product in wooden boxes similar to wine. Grey Goose Vodka is the most versatile vodka to produce the most fertile Cocktails recipes!

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