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Chardonnay is a Chilean wine, and it is, with ripe apple, pineapple and par. Chardonnay wine is ideal with seafood, salads and risottos.

The big buttery Chardonnay Wine, the Oaky Chardonnay with its increasing followers, was made by the ageing Chardonnay wine with oak. This method adds body and characters that can include Butterscotch, spice, nuts, toast and oak. Malolactic turbulence-a process that transforms tart acids into softer, liberal people-adds creamy flavour and body. Ageing Chardonnay Wine on its lees.

Despite the fact that it grows in all the world of the prominent wine region, Chardonnay is the primary home in Burgundy, France. At most, the north end of Burgundy, French Chardonnay wine producers makes cool-climate Chardonnay dry white wine in the community of Chablis, where the wines are unoaked, crisp, fresh and Steely. Pushing south, wine producers of the Côte d'Or create some of the most excellent examples within the world-famous appellations.

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