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Bombay Sapphire is a brand of gin owned by Bacardi which was, first created in 1987 by IDV. In 1997, the company Diageo sold the brand to Bacardi.

The essence of the drink comes from a recipe of ten elements (where the bottle label has "10 exotic botanicals"): lemon peel, liquorice, juniper berries, orris root, Almond, Angelica, coriander, cassia, grain of paradise and cubeb.

The Bombay gin is triple distilled using a Carter head still, and the alcohol gases are passed through a mesh/basket of the ten botanicals, to get the taste and aroma of the Bombay Gin. The Bombay Gin is lighter, more floral rather than the more-common 'punchy' gins that are distilled using a copper pot still. Water from the Lake Vyrnwy is added to bring the power of Bombay Sapphire down to 40.0%.

We enjoy a Chai Tea Tonic Cocktail the one refreshing cocktail! We also stock Cigarettes, Ice & Limes.

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