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Absolut Apeach Flavoured Vodka






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Apeach Absolut Vodka was first founded in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith and is, made in Sweden.

Lars Olsson Smith introduced partly distillation that gives alcohol without ethanol.
The name changed to "Absolut Rent brännvin" That means (Absolutely Pure Vodka) this was arranged to mark the new and improved merchandise.

Lars Olsson Smith asked the city of Stockholm of Alcohol marketing cartel with his pure Absolut vodka. It sold at many economic prices. The owner - Mr Smith, also offered boat rides in the distillery.

APeach Absolut Vodka created a new 11 different Vodka flavour series, a new original Absolut bottle - now it is a respectable - artistic, stylish bottle. APeach, the Absolut Vodka brand, has an active link to music, art and cooperation, and how does it get to this?

A coercive nature of Absolut Vodka APeach his success in the marketing to the world his bottle. Who would pick up a bottle, probably based on a 19th-century medicine bottle that was found in Stockholm and would have a similar effect on the whole world? In fact, the bottle does have a very candid and charming appearance!

APeach Absolut Vodka is a versatile spirit, that can be, used in a range of cocktail recipes so why not spice up the night with #AbsolutCocktailNights. We also have soft drinks and ice cream for all the cocktails!

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