Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider - X24 Pack

Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider - X24 Pack




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The Strongbow Cider is available on draft at 4.5% Alcohol By Volume and in bottles and cans to 5% Alcohol By Volume. In 2012 the UK packaged versions were, fell from 5.3% Alcohol By Volume to 5.0% Alcohol By Volume.

Strongbow Cider Fruit Dark is the variant available in Europe and is available only in bottles. Strongbow Dark Fruit first started in May 2011, and its primary markets incorporate Hungary and Italy. It is 5% Alcohol By Volume and meant to be, served over ice. There is more than 50% apple juice, making it a comparable product to Magners and Stella Cidre.

Strongbow Cider Dark Fruit is, exported to various overseas markets. Sleeman Breweries took over shipping rights to Canada in 2001 and is the fifth largest selling cider in the US, where Vermont Hard Cider imported it until August 2012, when Heineken back the rights. It was, initially launched in the Australian market in 1970, and today remains as Australia's most famous cider. Strongbow Cider is available in five races in Australia: Dry, Original (formerly sold as "draft"), Clear (a little carbohydrate range), Pear and Sweet. Foster's Beer Group bought the Strongbow Cider brand in Australia in 2003 and continued to produce, distribute and market the brand. SABMiller acquired them in 2011

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